Licorice Salt Blend
The Salty Licorice Blend - It's time to get serious 
This variety isn’t for entry-level eaters, it’s for serious licorice fans because this licorice mix gets intense.

Schuinzout (Diamonds) from Holland: Med Firm - Moderate Salt

Dubbel Zoute Rond (Double Salt) from Holland: Firm (lots of chew fun) - Extra Salty - (the classic).

Zacht Zout Dropjes (Salmiak Rondo) from Holland: Crunchy outer - Moderate Salmiak - Chewy middle 

Boerderijdrop (farm animals) Netherlands: Mildly Firm - Mild Salt - Robust Licorice taste (12 fun farm shapes)

Muntendrop (Coins) Firm - Mild Salt (a classic favorite)

Kanderade Haxvral (Witches Scream): Sweden Soft, Sweet & Salty Licorice in the shape of tubes.

Salty Licorice Starfish Dutch - Soft texture but this one is brutal (even just touching the tip of it to your tongue, you’re overloaded with salt)